Product pricing in (simulated) Moonlighter with Bayesian bandits to maximize customer sadness

How I simulated customer reactions to item prices, modeled after Moonlighter's game mechanics, and used these with a Bayesian bandits algorithm to choose and price items (and make customers sad)

Using Bayesian estimation to decide the best Spring Stardew Valley crop to plant your second year

I show how to estimate profit distributions for most of the Spring crops available in the first year using Bayesian estimation.

Tears of the Kingdom Zonai device draw chances for every dispenser

Web app to help find the location of Zonai device dispensers with the best/worst chance of giving each item in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Another application of Bayesian estimation.

COVID negative even with a postive at-home test? | A Bayesian view

A simple Bayesian analysis of FDA data on COVID-19 rapid antigen home tests.

Chargemaster: Hospital service prices for the uninsured

A description of the web app I made for my Insight Data Science project that uses data from the State of California to predict hospital chargemaster prices.